Undead Race

A curse is cast upon you at the starting line, free yourself from this dreadful curse that cripples your body, soul and mind by making it to the finish line.

Beware, emissaries of the dead will watch over your withering bodies, ensuring no-one tries to cheat death.


    You will find yourself mysteriously drawn to the Lower Paths drained of life. Your goal is to appease the spirits and humour them by circling around Camp Tranquil and returning to The Lower Paths to undo the curse.

    1: All contestants must wait for the flare to signal the start of the race. No early starters.

    2: No mounts or class abilities

    3: Each player can use sprint ONCE

    4: Failure to follow these rules will see you eliminated from the race and your soul forever trapped and claimed by the emissaries of death.

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